Monday, August 15, 2011

Gallery 307 "CONNECTIONS"

"Color is everything. If there is no color, it might as well be a drawing." Eva

"I can't live without color, and I don't do pastels." Diane

Connections Statement

"When we met, there was instant recognition that we understood the same things. We come from different eras and places, and different backgrounds, but our pieces speak a common language.

We love color! The stronger and more intense, the better. Color is life and emotion, strength and courage.

Color is essential. Design and pattern are important, whether it’s a line of paint, a stitch, a brushstroke or a printed piece of fabric. Our works share a dialogue of color, line and pattern. They enhance and compliment each other. Relationships and similarities emerge. We invite the viewer to enjoy the connections."

Diane Rode Schneck