Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fire Island & Connecticut Landscape

I stumbled upon these watercolors while organizing my filing and I felt that it's time to part with them. One does get very attached to one's work.

Fire Island
W11" x H8.5"
Watercolor on Paper
Available through PayPal - Email Me

This is one of my very favorite places. A cabin on the bay where I go swimming and have been visiting for 27 years. I find the quiet of Fire Island very inspiring - the air is clean, there are no cars and there are beautiful gardens. Sunsets from this place are exceptional.

Connecticut Landscape
W10" x H8"
Pen and Ink on Paper
Available through PayPal - Email Me

I did this black and white sketch on my first vacation in the United States in 1950. And since I didn't fit in with the group I was with, I did a lot of sketching.

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